Pros and Cons of Appointments and Drop-Ins

Here at Lucky Feet, we accept both appointments and drop-ins for massages. Most of the staff here agree that appointments are always better. But a portion of our customers also come from drop-in massages. These are customers who have not made appointments beforehand and are just coming in for usually an hour body or foot massage.

Appointments! Yay or Nay?

From the employee's standpoint, appointments allow us to maximize how many customers we can provide a rejuvenating massage for. We're able to check the schedule and know who's coming in and what type of massage they're looking for (half hour, hour, etc.).

But a downside to appointments is that things happen. Customers might make an appointment really far in advance and forget to come in or they just can't make it. We try to call our customers if their appointments are made days in advance. For appointments within the day, customers are prompt to come in on time.

It's the times that they are late or absent from their appointments that really makes it harder for us as a business. Being late will push up the appointments further in the day, which makes it unfair for our customers who are on time. 

How Do We Feel?

Customers who don't show up to their appointments are the most difficult. That means our massage therapists don't have the opportunity to provide an amazing massage! This also breaks the trust that we've made as a business to the customer. Making an appointment with us means we block off the timeslot you want to come in.

We're trusting you to come at the time because we're not setting other appointments during that time with anyone else. So an hour body massage at 2pm means other customers who want that timeslot cannot come in. 

A solution to this is to please give us a call! Call us to let us know you either cannot make it to your appointment or that you will be late. We totally understand that things happen and that you can't come in. Besides, there's always next time; and Lucky Feet will always be here. 

Drop-in or Drop-out?!

Then we get to drop-in appointments! Drop-ins are A-Okay for us here at Lucky Feet, if we're not busy! We prioritize appointments because they've made a solid commitment to come in. 

Well, you could say drop-ins are more committed because they're already there waiting for a massage! That may be true, but drop-ins definitely could lead to too many customers all at once! That may not sound like a bad thing, but it's not awesome when we have more customers than available massage therapists.

That way, we can have people come in without having to wait for the next available appointment. By making an appointment, you're getting rid of a long wait time like in the DMV. Personally, I do not understand waiting in line for the DMV. That's a big ass line!

Basically, appointments are always better but walk-ins are fine too. That's what I say to customers who ask. But no matter which one you prefer, give us a call at (650) 634-8289 or drop on by to our location at 147 Hazelwood Drive, South San Francisco, CA. 

You Need a Post-Workout Massage

Why do I need one?

Whether it's leg day or you were just doing some cardio, a good workout will get you sore. Hyperbalance your workout recovery by going for a quick massage. This helps you recover your aching muscles faster. 

Body and foot massages aren't just to feel great, but they'll help you recover by reducing the inflammation caused by exercise. It also acts as a stimulant to produce more mitochondria in your muscles. This means that a massage will help your body make the energy it needs to adapt to your post-workout body burn.

Sounds reasonable! Why else?

Well, a lot of people who workout in the gym often go with their friends to have more fun during crunch time. A great way to keep that healthy and productive workout sesh going is to visit a massage provider with your workout buddy!

Many massage spas offer couples discounts. At Lucky Feet, we offer a 10% discount on body massages for two people. You don't have to be a couple to receive this! As long as you bring a friend or partner, you can enjoy a recuperating massage at our spa. 

That's awesome! Any other tips?

Always remember to not overextend yourself during exercise. Gainz are not worth if you're hurting yourself. Looking swole is pointless if you end up in the E.R! 

But if your muscles are aching and sore after doing a whole bunch of sets, bring your workout buddy to Lucky Feet! We will get you healed up and on track to looking and feeling awesome.

What's The Best Spa Drink?

You might notice that many spas have fruit essence water ready to be dispersed to satisfy the customer's thirst after a luxurious massage. But my question is, what fruit/citrus combo makes for the best post-massage drink?



You can never go wrong with this classic tangy citrus fruit. The taste of lemon and water is effervescent. You taste the aroma and it dances around your mouth, leaving you craving for a fruit sorbet. The taste is not overwhelming, and sometimes it does beg for another spritz or a couple of slices of lemon. And the cost of lemons do add up, unless you have a lemon tree!



This crisp and refreshing green gourd is usually the main component of most spa beverages. It's pretty affordable and it provides a lot of taste with only a couple slices of the fruit. But while cost-effective, the taste is certainly not for everyone. Personally, I prefer my cucumbers in my sushi, not my water.




Ugh, I love me some sweet berries! Strawberries are romantic and very delicious, but pretty expensive if they're not in season. I LOVE strawberry infused water, but sometimes the juice from the berry does leak into the water, giving it a not-so-watery look. If you have a special water infuser and it's the springtime, strawberries would be the best pick.


 Even though strawberries are the best fruit for infused water for me, it doesn't mean it might be the best for you! (Especially if you have an allergy.) That's why you should experiment with different types of fruits and even herbs too! Mint and cucumber? Lemon and lime? #YES!

What do you like to infuse your water with? 

8 Tips For Your First Time Getting a Massage

I've never been to a massage spa before. It wasn't because I didn't have the time or the money to treat myself to a great stress reliever. It was because I had no idea what kind of etiquette or how I had to prepare for a massage. But after going to a massage spa with my friend, I want to tell you guys some tips for your first time getting a massage!

1. ALWAYS TRY TO SHOWER. I think this is a pretty good rule for life, and not just for massages! You don't want to be enjoying your massage and suddenly hear your masseuse faint from the strong body odor smell. Fortunately, many massage spas have showers inside with cleaning amenities like towels and liquid soap. 

2. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Nothing sucks more than arriving to your favorite massage place and finding out that your go-to masseuse is totally booked. That's why I highly recommend CALLING your spa beforehand to avoid waiting. Some places even have online booking programs, which is even more convenient.

3. COMMUNICATE. The only person who knows what you need is you! If there are certain areas on your body that need a little more handling, you should not hesitate to voice your needs. Your masseuse will be more than happy to accommodate to your needs. Try to avoid mentioning problem areas at the end of the session to avoid going over your time slot.

4. GO TO SLEEP. Only during a massage is it totally fine to fall asleep. It is probably a huge compliment to the masseuse if they can get you to relax to that level. But do be mindful of your snoring or drooling!

5. CASH IS KING. Many small businesses have CASH ONLY policies because card payment machines do take a cut of each credit card transaction. So if you want to really support your massage parlor, bring cash!

6. TIPPING SAYS THANKS. Massage therapists genuinely enjoy making someone's day better with the power of a massage. As a thank you, you want to tip to reciprocate their effort in making your day better,

7. BUY A PACKAGE. If you really enjoyed your massage and you're certain that you will be coming back, it would be smart to buy a massage package from the spa. Usually the packages have discounts on them and they make it easier for you to drop-in whenever you want for a massage. They also make for awesome gifts too.

8. TAKE THE CARD. You always want to take a card or flier from the massage place in case you want to call for an appointment or need directions to the area. Another thing is that you can also give this card to a friend if they mention that they're stressed out or need to relax. This gesture says that you're a great friend and you're also helping out a small business!


What other tips do you have to share?