What's The Best Spa Drink?

You might notice that many spas have fruit essence water ready to be dispersed to satisfy the customer's thirst after a luxurious massage. But my question is, what fruit/citrus combo makes for the best post-massage drink?



You can never go wrong with this classic tangy citrus fruit. The taste of lemon and water is effervescent. You taste the aroma and it dances around your mouth, leaving you craving for a fruit sorbet. The taste is not overwhelming, and sometimes it does beg for another spritz or a couple of slices of lemon. And the cost of lemons do add up, unless you have a lemon tree!



This crisp and refreshing green gourd is usually the main component of most spa beverages. It's pretty affordable and it provides a lot of taste with only a couple slices of the fruit. But while cost-effective, the taste is certainly not for everyone. Personally, I prefer my cucumbers in my sushi, not my water.




Ugh, I love me some sweet berries! Strawberries are romantic and very delicious, but pretty expensive if they're not in season. I LOVE strawberry infused water, but sometimes the juice from the berry does leak into the water, giving it a not-so-watery look. If you have a special water infuser and it's the springtime, strawberries would be the best pick.


 Even though strawberries are the best fruit for infused water for me, it doesn't mean it might be the best for you! (Especially if you have an allergy.) That's why you should experiment with different types of fruits and even herbs too! Mint and cucumber? Lemon and lime? #YES!

What do you like to infuse your water with?