Pros and Cons of Appointments and Drop-Ins

Here at Lucky Feet, we accept both appointments and drop-ins for massages. Most of the staff here agree that appointments are always better. But a portion of our customers also come from drop-in massages. These are customers who have not made appointments beforehand and are just coming in for usually an hour body or foot massage.

Appointments! Yay or Nay?

From the employee's standpoint, appointments allow us to maximize how many customers we can provide a rejuvenating massage for. We're able to check the schedule and know who's coming in and what type of massage they're looking for (half hour, hour, etc.).

But a downside to appointments is that things happen. Customers might make an appointment really far in advance and forget to come in or they just can't make it. We try to call our customers if their appointments are made days in advance. For appointments within the day, customers are prompt to come in on time.

It's the times that they are late or absent from their appointments that really makes it harder for us as a business. Being late will push up the appointments further in the day, which makes it unfair for our customers who are on time. 

How Do We Feel?

Customers who don't show up to their appointments are the most difficult. That means our massage therapists don't have the opportunity to provide an amazing massage! This also breaks the trust that we've made as a business to the customer. Making an appointment with us means we block off the timeslot you want to come in.

We're trusting you to come at the time because we're not setting other appointments during that time with anyone else. So an hour body massage at 2pm means other customers who want that timeslot cannot come in. 

A solution to this is to please give us a call! Call us to let us know you either cannot make it to your appointment or that you will be late. We totally understand that things happen and that you can't come in. Besides, there's always next time; and Lucky Feet will always be here. 

Drop-in or Drop-out?!

Then we get to drop-in appointments! Drop-ins are A-Okay for us here at Lucky Feet, if we're not busy! We prioritize appointments because they've made a solid commitment to come in. 

Well, you could say drop-ins are more committed because they're already there waiting for a massage! That may be true, but drop-ins definitely could lead to too many customers all at once! That may not sound like a bad thing, but it's not awesome when we have more customers than available massage therapists.

That way, we can have people come in without having to wait for the next available appointment. By making an appointment, you're getting rid of a long wait time like in the DMV. Personally, I do not understand waiting in line for the DMV. That's a big ass line!

Basically, appointments are always better but walk-ins are fine too. That's what I say to customers who ask. But no matter which one you prefer, give us a call at (650) 634-8289 or drop on by to our location at 147 Hazelwood Drive, South San Francisco, CA.