You Need a Post-Workout Massage

Why do I need one?

Whether it's leg day or you were just doing some cardio, a good workout will get you sore. Hyperbalance your workout recovery by going for a quick massage. This helps you recover your aching muscles faster. 

Body and foot massages aren't just to feel great, but they'll help you recover by reducing the inflammation caused by exercise. It also acts as a stimulant to produce more mitochondria in your muscles. This means that a massage will help your body make the energy it needs to adapt to your post-workout body burn.

Sounds reasonable! Why else?

Well, a lot of people who workout in the gym often go with their friends to have more fun during crunch time. A great way to keep that healthy and productive workout sesh going is to visit a massage provider with your workout buddy!

Many massage spas offer couples discounts. At Lucky Feet, we offer a 10% discount on body massages for two people. You don't have to be a couple to receive this! As long as you bring a friend or partner, you can enjoy a recuperating massage at our spa. 

That's awesome! Any other tips?

Always remember to not overextend yourself during exercise. Gainz are not worth if you're hurting yourself. Looking swole is pointless if you end up in the E.R! 

But if your muscles are aching and sore after doing a whole bunch of sets, bring your workout buddy to Lucky Feet! We will get you healed up and on track to looking and feeling awesome.